Reaching your customers or subscribers with a recorded voice message, rather than a simple SMS or email, can be a very powerful marketing tool. Ping's highly customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and voice broadcast system includes the following features - Contact us today to learn more about our range of IVR and voice broadcast options.

What we offer


SMS to Voice - have your customer send an SMS or enter their number online, and our system will call them right back with a pre-recorded message.



Voice Broadcasts - Our system calls your subscribers, or selected groups of them, and delivers a pre-recorded voice message.



Recording Options - Send us a pre-recorded file, or call a toll-free number and record directly from your phone.

Welcome to IVR - Voice Marketing Solutions

For many organizations, the need for Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting is driven by an important event, and the word needs to be spread quickly. Studies show that telephone calls are more effective than email or standard “snail” mail to gain customer attention. However, making live calls to a large customer base requires a substantial investment in both technology and personnel. Cloud-based Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting is an affordable customer communication channel that offers significant cost savings, and provides a service that is not economically feasible for live agents to achieve.

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